84698 Series Mighty Mite Basic Tool Kit

84698 Series Mighty Mite Basic Tool Kit
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  • Manufacturer: justtoolkits
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Ideal Basic Tool Kit For Instructors, Students, Inspectors And Techs

Ultra Compact Kit Holds Just The Necessities

Great For The Glove box, Desk Drawer, Or Briefcase


Haven't you ever wished for a small set of basic tools for those quick-fix repair jobs? Then we designed the Mighty Mite kit with you in mind. The Mighty Mite is small enough to fit anywhere, yet complete enough to get the job done. Students, instructors and supervisors love it too!

This small set of 31 general purpose tools is perfect for assembly and adjustment of various equipment or installing hardware, and doing basic computer system configurations.


Built For:
• Systems Administrators   
• PC / Workstation Service Techs   
• Quality Control Personnel   
• Supervisors, Instructors and Students   
• Or anyone requiring a basic set of fine electronics tools. 

Kit Highlights:
• Ultra Compact Tool Case - Fits anywhere.
• 13 pc. Hex Key Set - Sizes .050"- 1/4" for maximum versatility.
• Chain Nose Pliers - For the bending and forming of leads.
• Full Flush Cutters - For the cutting of fine wires.
• Soldering Iron and Supplies - Quickly remedy broken solder joints.
• IC Extractor - To safely remove ICs without damage.
• Wire Stripper - Adjustable for any size wire.
• Plus many more commonly used basic hand tools.


84698 Tool Selection

Burnisher, contact
File, Needle, half round
Handle for blades, 4"
Hex Key Set,.050"-1/4", 13 pc.
IC Extractor
Potentiometer Tool
Plier, Semi-Flush Cutter, 4"
Plier, Chain Nose, 5"
Rule, stainless steel, 6"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #0 x 2"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 2" 
Screwdriver, Blade, Phillips, #1
Screwdriver, Blade, Phillips, #2 
Screwdriver, Blade, Slotted, 3/16"
Screwdriver, Blade, Slotted, 1/4"
Solder, Pocket Pack, 10' x 1/32"
Soldering iron, 25 watt
Soder-Wick, #3
Wire Stripper, adjustable
Wrench, adjustable, 6"

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