88700 Ultra Pro Field Service Kit

88700 Ultra Pro Field Service Kit
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  • Manufacturer: justtoolkits
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Price $824.55

Over 112 Indispensible Tools in this Field Service Arsenal

Fantastic Price

The Ultimate Kit For Master Technicians


You say you need greater versatility to work on the varied electronic equipment found in businesses today? Well you have found the right tool kit for your needs. Whether you are servicing medical and office equipment or computers and networks the Ultra Pro Field Service Tool Kit has the perfect compliment of tools for today's multi-brand environments. 

Specifically designed with Master Field Service Engineers in mind, this kit puts you in control, no matter how complex the job becomes. Not only is this our best field service kit, but it's price is simply unbeatable. Comparable kits can cost you hundreds more, yet still not include the quality brands found in the Ultra Pro Kit. 

Available in 20 different tool case configurations. So you can pick the case that works best for you. 

Built For:
• Remote Site Service Engineers  
• Central Office Managers 
• Field Service Technicians 
• In-house Maintenance Personnel
• Medical Equipment Manufacturer's Representatives
• Anyone who needs a comprehensive set of top quality tools for troubleshooting and servicing electronic equipment, and small machinery.

Kit Highlights:
• 14 pc. Socket Set - Quickly remove or replace nuts and bolts.
• 8 pc. Ignition Wrench Set - Compact wrenches are ideal for those tight places.
• Full Set of Nutdriver Blades - For nuts and bolts from 3/16"- 1/2".
• Full Range of Hex Blades - Remove and replace hex screws from .050"- 3/16".
• Inch and Metric Hex Key Sets - American made or imported, you're ready for it.
• Strippers and Crimpers - For wiring and connector repairs.
• Folding Torx Key Set - 8 sizes cover whatever you will likely encounter.
• 16 Screwdrivers - For the common screw sizes - tiny to large.
• Contact Burnisher & Feeler Gauges - For maintaining and setting contacts.
• Double-Ended Screwstarter - Easy way to start those hard-to-reach screws.
• Center and Pin Punches - For starting holes and driving pins from shafts.
• Electricians Knife - The field technician's best friend.
• Reverse Tweezers - Hold small components, use as a third hand or a heat sink.
• Plus many more essential hand tools. 


88700 Series Tool Selection

Alignment Tool, metal tips, 6"
Burnisher, Contact
Crimper, Stripper, Cutter
Feeler Gauge, inch
Hammer, Ball Peen, 4oz.
Handle, for blades 3"
Handle, for blades, 4"
Hexdriver Blades, (9) .050"-3/16"
Folding Hex Set, 1.5mm-6mm 7 pc.
Hex Key Set, 6 pc, .028"-3/32"
Ignition Wrench Set, 8 pc.
Knife, Electrician's
Mirror, insulated, 7/8 dia.
Nutdriver Blades, (9) 3/16-1/2
Penlight, reuseable
Punch, Center, 3/32"
Punch, Pin, 1/16"
Punch, Pin, 1/8"
Plier Flush Cutter, 4"
Pliers, Grooved Joint, 10"
Plier Heavy Duty Cutting, 5"
Plier, Chain Nose, 5"
Plier Long Nose w/ cutter, 6"
Plier Snap Ring, int/ext
Potentiometer Tool
Rule, stainless, 6"
Scratch Awl
Screwdriver, Jewelers Set, 5 pc.
Screwdriver,Offset 1/4",#2
Screwdriver, Phillips, #0 x 2"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #1 x 3"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/32" x 2"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 4" 
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 8"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/16" x 3"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/4" x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 5/16" x 6"
Screwdriver, 4 in 1 Stubby
Screwstarter, nylon, double ended
Socket Set 1/4",14 pc.
Solder, Pocket Pack, 10' x .031 dia. 
Solder Aid, fork-hook
Soldering Iron, 25 Watt 
Spring Hook, combination
Torx Key Set, folding, T6-T25, 8 pc.
Tweezers, reverse action
Wire Stripper, adjustable
Wrench, adjustable, 4"
Wrench, adjustable, 8"


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