Basic Network / LAN Tool Kit

Basic Network / LAN Tool Kit
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  • Item #: 80110kit
  • Manufacturer: justtoolkits
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For Installing and Maintaining Networks

Lifetime Hand Tool Warranty

This starter kit was designed to provide you with the 45 general use tools necessary to install, service and maintain networks. Because there are no cable-specific tools included, you are not buying tools you may not use.  

This fine tool kit is available in 19 different case configurations, so you can choose the case that works best for you. 

Built For:
• Network Service Techs  
• LAN Troubleshooters   
• Computer Field Service Techs   
• MIS Departments   
• LAN/Network Contractors   
• Anyone who regularly diagnoses, repairs or installs LANs or WANs.

Kit Highlights:
• Tone &Probe Set - for wire tracing.
• ESD Wrist strap & Stat-Gard plug - to eliminate the risk of ESD damage to circuit boards.
• Telephone line tester - for diagnosing modem problems.
• Gender changers - to eliminate cable incompatibilities.
• RS-232 Pin Extractor - for quick repair of bent or broken pinouts.
• Torx Drivers - three most common sizes (T8, T10, T15) for opening computer equipment.
• Soldering iron and accessories - for minor wiring repairs.
• Full set of pliers - most often used nutdriver sizes, hex keys and six sizes of fixed handle screwdrivers.
• Plus many more commonly used basic hand tools. 

80110 Series Tool Selection

Extension Blade, 4"
ESD Wrist strap
Flashlight, Mini-Mag AA
Handle, for blades, 4"
Nutdriver Blade, 3/16""
Nutdriver Blade, 1/4"
Nutdriver Blade, 5/16"
Folding Hex Set, .050"-5/32", 8pc
Gender Changer, M/M DB25
Gender Changer, F/F DB25
Knife, lightweight
Parts Box
Pin Extraction Tool, RS-232
Plier, Semi-Flush Cutter, 4"
Plier, Long Nose, w/ cutter, 6"
Plier, Chain Nose, 5"
Plier, Vise Grip, long nose, 6"
Probe, nylon push/pull
Receptacle Analyzer, w/ ESD plug
Solder, Pocket Pack, 10' x .031dia.
Soldering Iron, 25 Watt 
Soder-Wick, #3
Scissors, Electrician's
Screwdriver, Phillips, #0 x 2"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #1 x 3"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 6" 
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/32" x 2"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 5/16" x 6"
Screwdriver, Torx, T8
Screwdriver, Torx, T10
Screwdriver, Torx, T15
Screw holder, double ended nylon
Telephone Line Tester
Tone Tester ,77HP
Line Aid, 200EP
Wire stripper, 26-16 AWG
Wrench, adjustable, 6"


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