Flow Computers - Flow-X Series


The Flow-X series of flow computers offer a sophisticated concept in which advanced measurement technology and fast digital signal processing are combined with state-of-the-art processing power, versatile data communication and high capacity storage, resulting in the ideal platform for even the most demanding flow measurement applications.

The Flow-X series are designed for reliability in high-end gas- and liquid applications, and includes all relevant API, AGA, ISO, IP and many other measurement standards, in a versatile, familiar, intuitive and free configurable software environment. 


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    Flow-X series Panel mounted solutions Spirit DB-37 Breakout Board Flow-X series Rack mounted solutions
    Flow-X series Panel mounted solutionsSpirit DB-37 Breakout BoardFlow-X series Rack mounted solutions

    Panel mounted flow computer with up to four streams, and an additional station module with a 7” multi-lingual color touch-screen and additional serial (3x) and Ethernet interfaces (2x). Flow computer can be used in both horizontal and...

    Spirit DB-37 Breakout Board 

    Rack model with up to 8 streams for dense flow metering systems in 19” cabinets. Stream modules can be used as 8-stream application, as separate streams, or combinations. Field connections are available in standard 37-pole D-Sub type...




    Flow-X/S Single stream flow computer with terminal screw block
    Flow-X/S Single stream flow computer with terminal screw block

    Single stream, DIN rail enclosure with direct screw terminals for field connections. Interfaces include dual Ethernet with built-in web-server via RJ45