Flow-X series Panel mounted solutions

Flow-X series Panel mounted solutions
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  • Item #: Flow-X panels
  • Manufacturer: Spirit
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 Panel mounted flow computer with up to four streams, and an additional station module with a 7” multi-lingual color touch-screen and additional serial (3x) and Ethernet interfaces (2x). Flow computer can be used in both horizontal and vertical position. Field connections are available in standard 37-pole en 9-pole D-Sub type connectors.


  • Flow-X offers unrivalled accuracy of the analog inputs with an uncertainty of ±0.008% FS or better over the full electronics ambient temperature range of 0-60⁰C, and ±0.002% at 21⁰C
  • The Flow-X/P is a multi-stream flow computer for up to 4 streams (meter runs).
  • The Flow-X/S and Flow-X/R are enclosures for single stream flow computers that can operate in a remote station setup in which one of the flow computers provides station functionality for up to 8 meter runs (streams) in total. 
  • All meter runs can be bi-directional; full measurement data (totals and averages) are maintained for both directions.



• CE marking

• MID Module B

• EN 12405-1 
• OIML R117-1 
• WELMEC 7.2
• EN 61326-1997
• EN 55011
• CSA C22.2 61010-1
• UL 61010-1

The Flow-X has MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approval for liquid, gas and SOFTWARE, ensuring compliance with most stringent metrological and security requirements

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