GCH-LP-120 Sample Cylinder Heater Lab Supply

GCH-LP-120 Sample Cylinder Heater Lab Supply
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  • Item #: GCH-LP-120
  • Manufacturer: MicroLink
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Price $408.25
  • Designed to preheat a standard 2” OD 500cc gas sample cylinder
  • Works with either stainless steel or aluminum cylinders
  • Quickly preheats cylinder to 140°F, Cold to Hot in about 10 minutes
  • Low power (100 watts @ 12V DC)
  • Rugged polycarbonite case provides a safe compact environment for heating the cylinder plus a safe and durable method for handling the heated cylinder
  • Four heaters and four temperature sensors help insure uniform heating of the sample cylinder
  • Increased safety provided by thermal fuses
The GCH-500 provides a simple, efficient solution to gas sample cylinder preheating to comply with natural gas sampling standards (GPA 2166 and API 14.1). The GCH-500 heater is used with either the GCH-140 field controller or the GCH-LP-120 lab controller.
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