InLink-TC OEM HART Protocol Modem Module

  • Item #: 101-0016
  • Manufacturer: MicroLink
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Price $109.25

InLink-TC is a HART protocol modem that modulates logic level 1200 BAUD serial data to a HART loop, and demodulates received HART data providing a 1200 BAUD serial bit stream. InLink-TC interfaces to standard 3.3V to 5V logic and includes loop transformer isolation eliminating loop connection polarity and grounding  issues.  Adding only RS232 transceivers and a power supply make a complete RS232 to HART interface.  The InLink small package size simplifies integration into your design.

• Complies with Hart Protocol Physical Layer
• Transformer Isolation and Capacitor Coupling Eliminate Grounding Effects and Polarity Issues
• Complete Modem Module - Reduces Time-To-Market
• Small Footprint - Simplifies Design Integration
• Rugged Encapsulated Package with Gold Plated Pins for Increased Reliability
• Through-hole or Socket Mounting
• Wide supply range (3.0V to 5.2V)
• Industrial Temperature Range, -40°C to +85°C
• Transmit Signal Wave-Shaping - Sinusoidal with Lowest Harmonic Distortion
• Receive Band-Pass Filter
• CMOS Compatible
• Low Power
• Evaluation Board Available

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