MicroFlex Generic HART DTM

MicroFlex Generic HART DTM
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  • Item #: DTM
  • Manufacturer: MicroLink
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Price $224.25
For a simple software solution that works with any HART field device, consider the Microflex Generic HART DTM-5. This low cost solution installs into the PACTware FDT frame to provide HART common practice and universal commands. Not all functions will be available but in many applications a generic DTM may be the answer.

MicroLink modems include the PACTware FDT (Field Device Tool) frame and a basic generic HART DTM (Device Type Manager). 

Adding the Microflex Generic HART DTM provides the following features, and can be used with any HART device.

• Configuration (Common Commands Only)
• Offline Parameter Adjust
• OnLine Parameter Adjust 
• Diagnostics 
• Display of Measured Values 
• Trend with Log Functions 
• 4-20mA Calibration 
• Documentation, Print & Save Reports
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