MicroLink HART Protocol Modem with USB Interface

MicroLink HART Protocol Modem with USB Interface
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  • Item #: 101-0027
  • Manufacturer: MicroLink
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Price $281.75
The USB MicroLink HART protocol modem provides the hardware interface between Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) protocol devices and a Windows PC. Universal Serial Bus (USB) drivers make MicroLink compatible with most software developed for RS-232 serial port interface modems - MicroLink appears as an RS-232 com port to your software. A rugged design makes MicroLink an ideal choice for field service engineers and technicians who service HART devices in an industrial environment. Includes USB drivers, PACTware, and the Generic DTM-4 software on a CD. 

• Complete HART device interface
• Drivers enable a virtual RS-232 port for software compatibility 
• Complies with HART physical layer
• Transformer isolation simplifies loop connections
• Rubber and stainless steel enclosure handles rough field use
• Super low power design for extended portable computer battery life
• FCC and CE approved

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