Pipe Fitting Tools

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Adjust-A-Fit Adjust-A-Flange Flange Pins
Adjust-A-FitAdjust-A-Flange Flange Pins

Cloverleaf setscrew and threaded shaft handle work from either side. Fastens dierectlo onto fittings. Makes lining fitting a one man operation. Threaded shaft assembly is hardened for long tool life. Load Cap.: 1000lb 

Brings pipe flanges to exact plumb for tack and weld-out when used with Adjust-A-Fit. Eliminates 75% of the hard work in pipe fitting when used with the Adjust-A-Fit and Roust-A-Bout. Bolt Hole: 3/4 inch to 1 5/8 inch. Pipe Cap. Minimum: 5 inch.

Quick installing pins work as convenient reference points to level flange for tack and weld-out; No tools needed. Features acme threads for maximum clamping power and hardened steel for long lasting use. One order is equal to one set. 




Internal Fit Up Clamp Mul-T-Square Pipe Clamps
Internal Fit Up Clamp Mul-T-SquarePipe Clamps

Can be used on all standard weld neck flanges and great with slip on flanges. No loose pieces, quick action operation, stainless steel contact points. Two independently operated internal clamps align flange to pipe, even if internal dimensions differ.


All new rugged frame, built for job site use. Smoother new rooler clamping action for positive gripping, stainless steel contactns and alignment screws. Operating handle repositions for close work, and the fine adjustment screws for quick fit-up.