Series 445S

Series 445S
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  • Item #: 445s
  • Manufacturer: Omega
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Series 445S
Standard Threaded Well for Industrial Glass Thermometers *

Fits liquid-in-glass thermometers made to S.A.M.A.
standards. Tapered bore is made 0.008" oversize to
eliminate possibility of thermometer bulb expanding
into the well, thus preventing removal.
Connection Size:
3⁄4 and 1 NPT are standard. Other thread sizes are
available upon request.
Protective Coatings for Thermowells:
• Resist Corrosion • For Chemical Baths • Color-Coded Sensors for Process Control
* See Vapor Actuated Assembly on page E-17 for Additional 
Wells in the 445 Series
• Available in PFA, Epoxy and other materials.
Consult Sales Department for complete information.
Carbon Steel (C-1018), Brass (ASTM B-16), 
A.I.S.I. 304, A.I.S.I. 316, Monel®. Many other materials
available upon request.
Additional Designs:
Other designs of wells to fit this class of thermometer
are available. These include socket weld, heavy duty
and flanged types. 
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