VortexMaster FSV400, SwirlMaster FSS400


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The robust VortexMaster FSV4x0 vortex flowmeter by ABB is a high-performance and reliable tool, which is especially suited for the measurement of liquids, gas, and steam.
The SwirlMaster FSS4x0 swirl flowmeters combine the measuring dynamics of turbine flowmeters with the robustness and reliability of Vortex flowmeters and require only very short inlet and outlet sections.
Equipped with digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced filtering techniques, these innovative flowmeters allow for excellent flow signal detection and provide measurement immunity from the effects of hydraulic noise and pipe vibration.
Device firmware version:
• 02.01.xx (HART)
• 01.00.xx(Modbus)
• 01.00.xx (PROFIBUS)
• 01.00.xx (FOUNDATION Fieldbus)
Measurement made easy
Additional Information
Additional documentation on VortexMaster FSV400,
SwirlMaster FSS400 is available for download free of charge at www.abb.com/flow.


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