The Spirit IT Flow-X is the first flow computer to support GERG-2008, the most accurate and versatile equation of state for natural gas.

The Flow-X/M module is the single stream building block for all Spirit IT flow computer products and enclosures with each module provides more than sufficient communication ports and IO for any oil and gas meter run.

Its configuration and operation is touch screen based where a single screen can be used to access multiple flow computers. Remote access is possible from any web client over a secure HTTPS connection.

The complimentary Flow-Xpress software allows for virtually unlimited customization of the comprehensive gas and liquid applications (available in metric and US customary units).

The Flow-X provides advanced control functions for additional system savings: embedded flow, flow/pressure, valve and sampling control functions eliminate the need for a PLC or a sampler controller.

The Flow-X integrates seamlessly with our measurement automation software Spirit IT eXLerate, creating a Power Package that enables smart metering solutions.

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