266 HSH Pressure Transmitter

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“266HSH – Wireless High Performance Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Sensor Span Limits / Sensor Overpressure
Base Accuracy 160 and 16000 kPa (1.6 and 160 bar, 23.2 and 2320 psi)
21MPa (210 bar, 3045 psi) / Base accuracy 0.075%, Diaphragm Material / Fill Fluid AISI 316L ss / Silicone oil (NACE), Process Connection Material / Type AISI 316L ss / 1/2 in. – 14 NPT female (NACE), Housing Material / Electrical Connection Aluminium alloy (Barrel version) / M20 x 1.5 (CM20), Output WirelessHART, Hazardous Area Certification FM Approvals (USA and Canada) Intrinsic Safety, Integral LCD Digital LCD integral display with integrated keypad, Mounting Bracket Shape / Material For horizontal or vertical mounting on pipe and wall / Carbon steel, Full Operating Instruction Manual Language Instruction Manual in English, Configuration Standard pressure = in. H2O / psi at 68 °F; Temperature=deg.F, National radio frequency licence Basic countries (Europe, USA, Canada), Additional information on Output Selected Output code is ‘9’ (Wireless HART)

P/N 266HSH.P.S.S.B.9-..EA..L1..B6..M5…N2……FB”


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